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Runners Evaluation

Fit for Life offers a complete evaluation day with physician medical direction, physical therapist one-one-one review, functional movement screen, video gait analysis, shoe fitting and recommendations for next steps. From this evaluation, we provide our Wrap Around Options, translating the Runners Evaluation results into packages of care for wrapping services around the athlete … bridging from the evaluation day to a complete return to running. We will bridge the gap between the Evaluation, the Physical Therapy, and the coaching with Marathoners in Training.


Runners Evaluation Techniques

FFLBullet Identify biochemical reasons for why athletes run the way they do

FFLBullet Get them in the correct footwear/orthotics

FFLBullet Identify strength deficits that impact running form

FFLBullet Identify areas of tightnesses (flexibility issues) that impact running form


We offer to improve biomechanics, identify areas (strength & flexibility) where improvement can be made, and offer intelligent training advice. Though we cannot offer “retraining sessions” to all runners and walkers, in the group of people that overstride, some can benefit from retraining sessions.


Great opportunity for two groups of runners and walkers:

  1. Runners and walkers without pain/issues, who want to prevent injuries and perform better… Those who could benefit from follow-up visits to progress exercises over time and ensure they are focused on the key areas

2. Runners and walkers who have chronic injuries currently, who would benefit from injury care and the assessment to get to the root of the issue, develop a plan for future visits to alleviate current pain and create an ongoing program to keep it from returning

Next Steps: After an evaluation, we suggest approximately 2-3 follow up visits with non injured runners over the course of the next 3 – 4 months to help progress exercises. For injured runners, 4-6 visits after evaluation with sequencing, as determined by injury.


Wrap around clinical programming to bridge the patient from a completed course of physical therapy to the back-on-the-road running and walking that the patient desires.


During the Season: Of course we will have in-season touchpoints for walkers and runners who have completed our Runners Evaluation and are deep into their race preparation mileage; and injury recovery fitness packages coupling supervised exercise programs with core strengthening for physical therapy graduates


After the Goal Race: The Runner’s Recovery program includes therapy, stretching, ART, massage, as well as nutrition & mileage advice for those walkers and runners recovering from their marathon, half marathon, training season, etc.