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The Charge

FFLBullet  The road does not care if you are on it

FFLBullet  No trail cares if you run today

FFLBullet  The court will sit quietly if you don’t practice this week

FFLBullet  The field doesn’t care if you play today, but Fit for Life Physical Therapy does


Fit For Life Physical Therapy cares for active people of all levels to help prevent, recover from, or rehabilitate through athletic injuries.


Fit For Life Physical Therapy (FFL), combines with Fleet Feet + FrontRunner to Move People.   FFL is not only a rehabilitation option for walkers and runners, but also a preventative and maintenance option.  We want to help you achieve your goals by getting on, staying on, or returning to the road, the trail, the gym, the pool, the rink, or the treadmill.