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My Move

Imagine that your doctor told you to get started on a walking or running program in order to lose weight, get in shape, lower your blood pressure, etc.
Now imagine that every doctor in Columbus knows to say that.


The problem is that not every doctor in Columbus knows what to say next…not every doctor is an expert on advising a patient how to start a walking or running program.


Let Fit For Life Physical Therapy and Fleet Feet + FrontRunner help fill that expert advice void…we know how to advise you to start a walking or running program.


How does it work?


FFLBullet Your physician and you agree that exercise is needed. Until now, you may not have had a conversation on what the next steps should actually be


FFLBullet The physician hands you a MyMove prescription brochure or advises you to text message our MyMove experts to get started. His or her recommendation sets the wheels in motion for a consultation with a MyMove counselor


FFLBullet The patient (you) “shop” Fit for Life on website or telephone and make an appointment with a counselor at any point in time. This needs to happen fast, while you are still engaged and motivated. (you can immediately access the system via phone or text messaging)


FFLBullet At Fleet Feet or FrontRunner, in the Fit For Life Physical Therapy centers, our MyMove counselors will meet you.  Based on feedback from our expert question and answer session, the coach will slot you into a 12 week rolling MyMove program to prepare you for an upcoming goal event


FFLBullet Each concurrent MyMove session ties to an upcoming 5k – 4m event which serves as an “end date” to target on the calendar and a motivating timeline


FFLBullet You are now in the program…it really is that fast!  You can expect weekly emails, a weekly group meeting, weekly group workout, and access to program support personnel


FFLBullet Through regular communication and status report updates, your referring physician will see your continual health gains as you participate in MyMove